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One of the best ways to avoid confusion and questions is to ask ahead of time. These sections are to facilitate that.

★ IC & OOC Permission Memes

So let's say you really want your character to punch another character. But the mun isn't around to ask. Sadness. Except maybe they filled out this handy dandy Permission Meme. It details various sorts of things that might happen and gives permission (or denies permission) for said events to take place.

IC Permissions

OOC Permissions

Some definitions for those not in the know:

Threadhopping is when two characters are in a comment thread and a third character interrupts.
Backtagging is tagging on a post or a comment several days after that comment was received.

There is also the bonus First Impressions meme. This one outlines the sort of first impressions your character may give to other characters.

Just paste these into your character's journal and fill them out. It'll help muns a lot. If you're unsure how to fill them out, you can ask, or you can try looking around in the journals of characters already in the game to see how they filled it out.

★ Player Permissions

Some characters, like godmoders, telepaths, and psychopaths, have personal permission memes set up by the player to help them interact. In aid of this, we've set up this index here of permission memes that players have created. When your character is accepted to the game, please fill out the permissions that are here.

If you create your own permission meme for other players, please comment to this post and we'll add the meme in.

Aries Mu [d2] ☆ [personal profile] lamb_of_goldhere
Dave Strider [d1] ☆ [profile] movelikestriderhere
Loki [d1] ☆ [personal profile] behisequalhere
Shiki Ryougi [d2] ☆ [personal profile] borderlineshere

★ The Fourth Wall

Naturally, with how screwed up and twisted realities are going to get, in a way, breaking the fourth wall and questioning the reality of a world isn't a problem. And there are of course characters who canonically break the fourth wall (like Disgaea) or maybe have knowledge of other canons (think Konata of Lucky Star) or perhaps just flat out know too much about their world (Star Ocean 3, anyone?) so fourth wall breaking has a chance of happening. We ask that you be mature about it and don't run around shattering characters for the hell of it.

When a canon your character wants to refer to is not represented in a game, feel free to refer to that canon as something fictional. If your character wants to refer to a canon that is represented in the game, you must get permission from the players. For this, we advise using the contact post and the permissions meme posts that players put up.

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